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wants moor!

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About Golden Moor

Today, a staff of 18 is busy keeping up with the international demand; Golden Moor exports to 17 countries, including Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore and has captured 80 per cent of Canadian spa market. The mud in our Canadian bog in Casselman holds a superior quality due to the high levels of humic acids. These humic acids aid in preventing arthritic and rheumatic pain and gives the body a sense of well-being. Moor properties have been well known in Europe and Asia for sometime, but the ever increasing growth in population has created pollution and as a result their bogs have become affected. These countries must import moor to supply their demand.

Today the demand for higher quality of life, the increase in stress and an aging population brings the birth of a new global approach to health care giving with more emphasis on natural treatments. It is through that perspective that Golden Moor was founded in May of 1987, in the Outaouais region and We have invested time in research and development to produce an efficient health product based on the therapeutic ingredients of the bog.

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